Ivanka Trump Has Dumped Her Brothers As She Goes Independent With Her Own Businesses

(TheLibertyRevolution.com)- When the UK tabloid press isn’t gossiping about the Royal family or Ghislaine Maxwell, they are turning their attention to the Trump family.

According to the gossips at OK! Magazine, a “source” claims that Ivanka Trump “has basically dumped her brothers.”

“Basically” is a word that should always be taken with a grain of salt. Ordinarily, when someone says “basically,” what it means is “not really, but it could be interpreted that way by someone who is speculating.”

The “source” claims that Ivanka no longer wants to be involved in the family business or even her family. Instead, the “source” told OK!, Ivanka wants to focus on her husband and kids.

You know, like every other normal adult with a husband and children.

The “source” also claims that her brothers Don Junior and Eric were never that close to Ivanka in the first place. Ivanka was Trump’s favorite, the “source” gossiped, adding that if she disassociates herself from the family, it will be Don Junior’s “time to shine.”

Any “family friend” or “source close to the family” who is willing to gossip to a British tabloid rag probably isn’t someone close enough to the family to actually have insider information. Instead, it is more likely a tangentially-linked nobody eager to make a quick buck by spilling second- or third-hand gossip.

Pretending to know the inner workings of the Trump family, the “source” also told OK! that both Melania and Ivanka, who don’t get along, want Donald Trump to stay out of the 2024 race. The “source” speculates that the FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago didn’t just affect Trump; it affected the whole family – presumably including the woman that this source claims has nothing to do with her family anymore.

OK! Magazine closes the gossip with a final quote from its “source,” who explains that both Ivanka and Melania are sick of all the investigations into Trump and “want to go back to their fabulous lives.”

What close friend of the Trump’s would use such a derisive phrase as “go back to their fabulous lives?”

That quote alone all but proves this “insider” is an “outsider” that is “basically” playing the speculation game.