Jane Fonda Suggests She Was “Set Up” During Fox Interview

(TheLibertyRevolution.com)- According to a report, the actress and activist Jane Fonda was recently interviewed by Chris Wallace, and she wavered when he questioned her on her now-famous 1972 visit to Vietnam.

When Fonda, 85, appeared on Wallace’s, “Who’s Talking to Chris Wallace?,” he asked her many questions regarding the incident that gave rise to her nickname, “Hanoi Jane.”

Wallace remarked that at the height of the conflict in Vietnam 50 years ago, Fonda traveled to North Vietnam to stage a protest. Fonda was filmed sitting on an anti-aircraft gun. Millions of people called you  Hanoi Jane and claimed you were a traitor.  Wallace then asked Fonda how she felt about that.

Fonda said it was a big blunder. She remarked that she had spoken to American troops for years who believed the war was wrong and that the United States was not welcome in the region.

Fonda explained that she shouldn’t have gone there. She was there for two weeks, and it was on the last day when they took her to the place.

According to Fonda, she was not making fun of the situation in the images where she could be seen smiling. She was laughing because someone had just sung to her.  She suggested that she may have been set up, but she’s taking responsibility for it.

Fonda told Wallace that she did not like the nickname she was given, but she stuck by her choice to oppose the war.

After countless apologies spanning four decades, Breitbart’s John Nolte believes Hanoi Jane Fonda should finally be forgiven for her antics in Vietnam.

Fonda has said categorically that she was an adult at the time and called her behavior unjustifiable. Nolte asks if it is time to forgive and forget after years of apologies.  After all, there are so many other reasons not to like Jane Fonda.