January 6th Committee Official Exposed As Black Secessionist Extremist

(TheLibertyRevolution.com)- Democratic Rep. Bennie Thompson, the head of the ultra-partisan House Committee that claims to be investigating the origins of the January 6 riots in Washington, D.C., was just exposed for his past links to a Black secessionist movement.

Unearthed video reveals how Thompson strongly supported the Republic of New Afrika, a guerrilla warfare Black extremist group that tried to take control of a number of American states in exchange for peace with law enforcement throughout the last century.

Thompsons advocacy for the organization was revealed by Just the News. The evidence takes the form of video footage, archives from the FBI and local law enforcement, and even newspaper clippings. The report, which you can read her, reveals how Thompson blamed law enforcement for instigating violence that resulted in the murder of several police officers by RNA group members.

The organization is known for threatening guerrilla warfare ever since it was founded in 1968. It is connected to the tragic New Bethel Baptist Church shooting in Detroit, and another instance in Jackson, MS, where two bombs were discovered in a house during an FBI raid. During another raid, an officer was killed and a second police officer, along with an FBI agent, was also hurt.

Just the News said that following the attacks, Thompson still firmly supported the RNA and even said that law enforcement should let the organization continue operating despite their clear affinity for violence.

“I believe this is an attempt on part of law enforcement officials to stop the Republican from building its community,” Thompson allegedly said.

And this isn’t all just something from the distant past, either. In 2013, Thompson campaigned for the former vice president of the RNA, Chokwe Lambuba, in a campaign to become the mayor of Jackson, MS. Lumumba was successful but died not long after being elected.

How long will Republicans allow extremists to pose as moderates and lecture the rest of the world about extremism?