Jen Psaki Blames Rising Prices on Greedy Meat Conglomerates

( The White House is going to run out of people to blame for the Biden administration’s disastrous economic policies. But until they do, they’re going to keep pointing the finger at anyone other than the White House.

During Tuesday’s press briefing, a reporter desperate to deflect blame from Biden brought up how progressive groups and Democrat lawmakers are blaming corporate greed for high inflation.

The reporter asked Psaki if the President also thinks corporate greed is to blame.

Naturally, Psaki’s answer was a resounding yes.

Psaki said both the President and the Agriculture Secretary have addressed the “greed of meat conglomerates” whom they claim are forcing meat prices to go higher. She accused these “meat conglomerates” of jacking up prices during a pandemic.

Yeah, she’s blaming Big Meat. Just like she blamed Big Oil for gas prices going through the roof.


When Joe Biden was running for president, he made a “promise” to the American people that he would take responsibility instead of blaming others.

That tells you all you need to know about the value of Joe Biden’s “promises.”

Inflation isn’t his fault; it’s the pandemic’s fault.

The crap economy isn’t his fault; it’s the fault of the “unvaccinated.”

Yeah, he really blamed the bad economy on the “unvaccinated:”

Skyrocketing gas prices aren’t his fault; it’s the fault of Big Oil and OPEC.

Skyrocketing meat prices aren’t his fault; it’s greedy Big Meat that’s to blame.

Nothing is ever going to be Biden’s fault. That’s the bottom line.

This White House is far more focused on shielding Joe Biden from any responsibility for his own disastrous policies than they are fixing the disastrous policies that are crushing the US economy.