Jen Psaki Gets In Fighting Match With Newsmax Reporter

( It turns out Joe Biden isn’t the only one in the White House who will only call on certain White House reporters. Press Secretary Jen Psaki is also careful to ignore certain reporters during her press briefings.

One such reporter whom Psaki avoids is Newsmax’s White House correspondent Emerald Robinson. And recently, since Psaki never calls on her, Robinson has decided to shout her questions at Psaki just as she’s wrapping up her briefing.

And apparently, it’s beginning to bother the obfuscating redhead to no end. During Monday’s press briefing, Psaki got a bit snippy with Robinson for tossing her a question after the AP reporter did his “Thank you, Jen.”

Because, see, it is tradition that the AP reporter closes the briefing by saying “Thank you, Jen.” When the AP reporter does that, it is the signal that the briefing is over and nobody is allowed to ask another question.

“Next time, we’ll do it during the briefing.”

Sure, Jen.

Problem is, and as Robinson pointed out in that clip, Jen Psaki never calls on Emerald Robinson during the briefings. So the chances that Psaki with “circle back” to Robinson at another briefing are slim to nil.

It happened again on Thursday. As Psaki was leaving, Robinson again shouted a question.

Robinson isn’t the only reporter consistently ignored by Psaki.

In fact, in early September when White House reporters began shouting questions to Psaki as she wrapped up her briefing, Mediaite actually thought it was newsworthy because up until then, it wasn’t happening to Psaki.

In their report, Mediaite conceded that reporters trying to get in last-minute questions at the White House press secretary was pretty much standard practice during Trump’s time in office. Even during the Obama administration, it was “a not-infrequent occurrence.”

Up until recently, with its tight lid on information and lack of press availability, such outbursts were not tolerated by the Biden White House.

So what changed?

Well, the Biden administration has become Ground Zero for multiple domestic and foreign policy disasters. In short, there is a cornucopia of issues reporters want answers on. Couple that with growing frustration among the press corps at White House staff shutting them down and herding them out when they try to ask questions, it isn’t surprising that the reporters are getting a little testy.