Jen Psaki Makes Word Salad Trying To Blame Trump For Biden’s Actions

( After White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki was forced to return to work from her sudden week-long vacation, she didn’t perform too well when the media turned hostile on her.

Psaki even tried to blame former President Donald Trump for Joe Biden’s disastrous orchestration of the Afghanistan withdrawal when reporters asked why it had gone so badly. It came after Biden’s National Security Advisor, Jake Sullivan, made a number of excuses for why the president has been totally invisible since the crisis began.

A journalist also reminded Psaki about a head Taliban soldier who was released from Guantanamo Bay during Joe Biden’s time as Vice President, which may have ultimately assisted in the Taliban’s very quick takeover of Afghanistan upon U.S. withdrawal.

We know this because that leader featured in a video celebrating the Taliban takeover of capital city Kabul, where he admitted, “I was detained in Guantanamo Bay camp for several years.”


Can this get any worse for Biden?

When Psaki was asked about the man, and whether President Joe Biden has any regrets, she responded with what can only be referred to as a word salad. None of it made any sense.

“Well, first I would note that I, uh, one, I’d point out the part of the intelligence community to assess the identity of the individual, I know there’s been reporting on it, but that’s not my position to do from here,” she said.

Which, we think, means she is questioning the identity of the man.

“I would also note that in prior negotiations and commitments made during the Trump administration, there were thousands of individuals who were released, so, uh, our focus right now is, again, not taking the Taliban’s word for it, uh, we are, we are assessing, we are closely watching, and we are being very clear about the capacities and the capabilities we have at hand should they be needed,” she added.

Word. Salad.

Will the Biden administration ever take any responsibility for this?