Jen Psaki Wants Schools To Talk About Whether Children Are A “Boy Or Girl”

( Jen Psaki spoke on Chris Wallace’s failed CNN+ show, which receives hardly a blip in ratings.
During their interview, Psaki stated that kindergarteners should be forced to participate in transexual conversations during their interview.
Psaki explained that it is not the intent of the legislation to promote sex education. It is about instilling a sense of gender identity in children.
She asks how one should respond to children at these primary schools who express concerns such as “Why does Sally have two mothers?” and “I’m not sure if I’m a girl or a boy?”
She said she is thinking about the children going through these difficult times in their lives.
Psaki also believes that these institutions do not provide all that much gender identity education or sex education and that this is much ado about nothing. It’s a political cudgel or issue that she does not believe exists in the first place.
Psaki seems to be talking out of both sides of her mouth.
Speaking to the News Not Noise podcaster, Psaki claimed a surge of what she considers to be anti-LGBTQI+ youth legislation is being enacted in Republican-led states.
Psaki claimed the measures might prevent youngsters from discussing their ‘loving’ families.

Psaki said she was going to cry over the issue.
The long-serving public servants, Psaki said, are passionate about issues and what we believe is right.
She opined that “we” know that transgender kids are bullied and that these restrictions in states like Florida are ethically wrong. We know they already have it hard. A parent who wants all children to be treated fairly and given a fair chance by society is struck in the heart.
She said while weeping that all parents have reactions, and she’s no exception.