Jenna Ellis Leaving Party In Protest Against Ronna McDaniel

( Jenna Ellis, the attorney who bravely represented former President Donald Trump and the Republican Party in the wake of the last election, has officially left the GOP.

Ellis, who appeared alongside New York attorney Rudy Giuliani in a number of state senate evidentiary hearings, argued that the Republican National Committee “failed Donald Trump” and conservatives because of its “swamp leadership.”

Ellis made the claims in a tweet on Monday, but she also dramatically quit the party live on air while presenting her TV show “Just the Truth.”

“Even if I stand alone for the Truth, I will stand for the Truth,” she said.

Ellis’ announcement comes after Justin Riemer, the chief counsel for the RNC, slammed Ellis’ important work defending election integrity as a “joke.” In a November 28 email, according to a report in The Washington Post, Riemer said that Ellis is being “laughed out of court,” despite the fact that left-wing judges have yet to even allow a case to go to trial.

Following the report, Ellis said that she will not return to the Republican Party unless RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel and other officials who raised money to defend election integrity…but never did anything with that money…resign.

Ellis even slammed the Republican Party as “DNC lite.”

Ellis incredible defense of former President Donald Trump in the evidentiary hearings following the last presidential election hit headlines all over the world, and while Biden eventually “won,” her role as President Trump’s legal counsel could soon hit the headlines again as the results of a forensic election audit in Arizona are released.