“Jeopardy” Producer Apologizes To Fans   

(TheLibertyRevolution.com)- “Jeopardy!” executive producer Michael Davies was forced to offer an apology to fans after an editing error inadvertently revealed who won the show during the opening segment of an episode. 

During the opening of the March 8 airing of “Jeopardy!” as host Mayim Bialik was wrapping up her introduction of the contestants in the High School Reunion Tournament, the screen cut away from Bialik to reveal the three contestants. But instead of showing only the contestants’ names, the podiums listed the final scores of each contestant, thereby revealing at the start of the show who would end up being the winner. 

Last week, while appearing on the podcast, “Inside Jeopardy!,” Davies started off by apologizing to “Jeopardy!” fans, admitting that the production company “blew it” when the final scores appeared during the “opening cutaway shot” at the end of Bialik’s introductions. 

He explained that Bialik’s opening introductions had to be retaped, which happens from time to time. 

When the intro needs to be reshot, the production crew waits until the game is over to do it again. Ordinarily, however, they remember to reset the podiums to clear the final scores. But this time, they forgot. 

Unfortunately, the error wasn’t caught during post-production, Davies added. Nor did it get noticed during the production’s final quality control. 

In short, every system put in place to avoid such a mistake failed. 

Davies said the production company has implemented a “new series of protocols” to prevent that from happening in the future. He explained that his objective is not to punish the people responsible for the error but to “build a protocol” to ensure it doesn’t happen again. 

“We live and learn,” he added. 

He said “Jeopardy!” senior management tends to be hard on themselves when mistakes happen, adding that they take mistakes “really seriously.”