Jerry Seinfeld To Star In New Movie

( Jerry Seinfeld is set to return to our screens, with reports revealing that he will direct, produce, and also star in a new movie about the creation of…Pop Tarts.

Yep. Pop Tarts.

The movie will be titled “Unfrosted” and was developed for the online TV platform Netflix. And if it sounds a bit ridiculous, that’s kind of the point. It turns out that the movie will be a comedy and is inspired by a joke Seinfeld told last year in a special show titled “23 Hours to Kill.” During the show, he went on a tangent and mused about who created the Pop Tart and the story behind their creation.

During the comedic “bit,” Seinfeld jokingly asked how the creators of the Pop Tart decided that the market would need a heated rectangle filled with frosted fruit, and which had both the same shape and nutritional value of the box that they come in.

Seinfeld issued a statement about the plans, revealing that he was stuck at home watching “endless sad faces on TV” and decided that now is a good time to make something totally silly. He said that he decided to take the bit from his comedy set and turn it into a “crazy comedy movie.”

I wonder if the real creators of the Pop Tart are on board….

This is the first time that Seinfeld has ever starred in a live-action, scripted movie. So far he hasn’t done much in the way of movies, but he does have some limited experience. The TV comedy legend provided the voice for the lead character in 2007’s “Bee Movie” animated film. He was also a producer of “Comedian,” a document from 2002 which he also starred in.

Seinfeld revealed that the new movie was co-written with Barry Marder, a stand-up comedian, as well as a former writer for Seinfeld, Spike Feresten.