Jimmy Carter Just Became 97

(TheLibertyRevolution.com)- Former President Jimmy Carter has a lot to celebrate this year. Not only has President Joe Biden completely destroyed the narrative that Carter was the worst president in American history, but he also just marked his 97th birthday.

Carter spent his birthday quietly with family and friends at his home in Georgia, and didn’t make any public appearances.

An online birthday card was shared by the Carter Center’s website, and employees from the Jimmy Carter Historic Site in Plains, Georgia, recorded a special birthday message for him.

Members of the public signed his online birthday card, and the former president enjoyed what was undoubtedly a special but low-key birthday celebration.

At age 97, the former president appears to be fairly healthy, too. After being diagnosed with melanoma that spread to his brain and liver in 2015, he underwent treatment and soon announced that he had fully recovered and was cancer-free.

Sadly, the Carter family is currently preparing for the death of former President Carter’s daughter-in-law, Annette Davis Carter, who passed away in September at just 68 years old.

Failed presidential candidate Senator Amy Klobuchar wished Carter a happy birthday and said she was looking forward to many more years.

ABC News also shared a biography of Carter’s life in photographs.

Carter has long been considered the worst, or at least a bad president, for many reasons. From the energy crisis and gas shortages to the fact that five members of Carter’s entire cabinet resigned, his time in the White House didn’t go so well.

But at least he didn’t pit the nation against each other based on race politics and vaccine mandates, while destroying the economy and raising taxes, like Joe Biden is…