Job Site Banning Gender-Critical Feminists Allows Listings For Transgenders

( A job site is banning gender-critical feminists from posting ads while allowing listing for the ACLU and Transgender Law Center, according to Just the News. The Women’s Liberation Front (WoLF) is an organization fighting for the rights of biological women, while opposing transgender rights. They were barred from posting job ads on the 26-year-old nonprofit website, Idealist, for allegedly going against community guidelines.

In an email shared with the outlet, WoLF showed that Idealist Executive Director Ami Dar removed the organization form the platform because its “public-facing content does not fall within our community guidelines.”

WoLF Executive Director Mahri Irvine asked how the ad for a policy director could have gone against guidelines, which paints the website as a “neutral space for people and organizations from all points of view” that “does not endorse or promote any program or organization over any other.”

WoLF alleges to seek the “constant mistreatment and degradation of women and girls in the United States.”

After Darr told Just the News that he will explain the website’s reasoning, WoLF sent him a letter on its lawyer letterhead that escalated the dispute, prompting him to say he will make a full address.

“Unfortunately, has joined the growing list of organizations and vendors who are openly hostile and discriminatory toward women,” Lauren Bone, who served as WoLF’s in-house counsel, who now works with former Trump administration lawyer Candice Jackson at a private practice focusing on sex-based rights.

The ACLU and Transgender Law Center “spend millions of dollars annually fighting against civil rights for women and girls [and] are permitted by to post jobs freely,” she wrote in an email, adding that it was perplexing that Idealist would deplatform a charitable organization. She also pointed to the organization’s cultural fights against biological men in women’s sports, the transgender coercion on lesbians to date transgender women, and the “misogynistic male caricatures of womanhood.”

As the outlet reports, 300 job listings come up when “transgender” is searched in the bar. Contrary to the website’s community guidelines, which pledges neutrality, its terms of service prohibits “discriminatory” or “hateful” material, which has been attributed in a partisan way to gender-critical feminists.