Joe Biden Admin Ditching Court Appearances For Illegals Released

( Not only had President Joe Biden ditched the “Remain in Mexico” policy that stopped fake asylum seekers from gaining access to the United States, only to never appear in court, but now American authorities are reportedly releasing illegal families without any notice to appear in immigration court at all.

President Biden is just speeding up the process for illegals wanting to take advantage of America.

Democratic Texas Rep. Henry Cuellar revealed how authorities are easing the pressure on the border by simply allowing some families into the country and forgetting about them. During an interview with Fox News, he explained that 150 migrants were released in one weekend without being given notice to appear in court…assuming they would have turned up for them in the first place.

“How do you release somebody to the country without a notice to appear?” he asked Fox News.

A Democrat speaking to Fox about immigration? Thinks must be bad.

The move comes at a time when Customs and Border Protection detention centers are overwhelmed with huge numbers of illegal families, and the Biden administration spends $86 million on providing hotel rooms for migrants for at least the next six months.

It’s yet another temporary measure that won’t solve the problem any time soon, with migrant families appearing every day at the border and increasing the burden on Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers.

It’s literally exactly what former President Donald Trump predicted would happen if Joe Biden were elected.

The New York Post obtained a statement from Customs and Border Protection earlier this week, in which the agency acknowledged that families of illegal aliens were not being given dates to appear in court.

“The process for providing someone with a Notice to Appear frequently takes hours, which contributed to overcrowding in some Border Patrol facilities,” the statement said.

“To reduce confusion, beginning on March 24, CBP included a notation on the form providing these individuals with a notice to report to an ICE office to commence their immigration proceedings,” the statement also revealed.

So, the Democrats can’t call this one a conspiracy theory.

If Vice President Kamala Harris thinks she can stop the crisis by negotiating with the leaders of South American nations, she’s likely to come across some significant hurdles.

Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador said in March that the crisis was the fault of President Joe Biden and the “expectations” of left illegal migrants with.

Turns out if you promise amnesty to illegal aliens…more of them come.