Joe Biden Calls Reports That Authorities Were Searching Warrants Against Him “Clickbait”

( A Joe Biden ally, Mediaite, is calling a story CNN has reported “ridiculous” and “clickbait.”

The CNN reporting team of Paula Reid, Pamela Brown, Evan Perez, and Jessica Schneider revealed the news that the Justice Department was ready to obtain a warrant if Biden had not approved a house search.

Reid announced the major revelation on Wednesday’s episode of CNN’s The Situation Room:

Wolf Blitzer told his viewers that CNN was reporting that the FBI’s historical search of President Biden’s Delaware home resulted from intense negotiations between the Justice Government and the president’s lawyer and that the department was prepared to get a search warrant if the President did not comply.

Blitzer continued, saying Paula Reid, Senior Legal Affairs Correspondent for CNN, was covering the subject. He asked Reid if she knew about the crucial negotiations between Biden’s lawyers and the US Justice Department.

Reid said it was unusual for the FBI to search a president’s house. Although the Biden campaign has emphasized that they were cooperating and wanted the search to take place, “we now know that the federal investigators were also ready to get a warrant if they could not obtain permission to search the Wilmington property.”

Consequently, the DOJ was granted entry and free rein to look around the whole building.

She did note that the Justice Department is mindful that they “must approach this case similarly to how they approached the Trump investigation. Although the circumstances of these cases now vary greatly, as the attorney general said on Monday, everyone will be treated equally.”

A Mediaite writer, Tommy Christopher, said he had to take a second look when he initially saw Jake Tapper’s tweet about the news because he assumed there had to be more to the story.

Christopher tweeted that the “scoop” is the silliest thing ever. It’s only a declaration of the obvious supported by an unimportant hypothetical. The narrative says, “no talk of a warrant ever came up.”

He said it is similar to saying, “SCOOP!” If Joe Biden shot at FBI officers, the Justice Department was prepared to shoot him dead.

Christopher said that CNN was “given this story for a reason, and probably some very stupid editor decided to dress up the most boring part of the story to get some clicks out of it.”