Joe Biden Can’t Stop Touching, Poking and KISSING People

( – Democratic Presidential candidate and former Vice President Joe Biden keeps hitting the papers for his angry interview responses, threats to beat up the president “behind the gym”and aggressively manhandling and poking voters. During events in Iowa, in the run-up to the caucus, Biden has been seen struggling to keep his hands to himself on multiple occasions.

In January, a Biden supporter in Iowa wrote a blog post describing his aggressive behavior after being asked about his views on climate change. The support, Ed Fallon, also wrote that Biden’s behavior “shocked him” after he bluntly told Fallon to “Go vote for someone else.” Biden was then seen poking the voter in the chest after he continued questioning him about his climate change policies. The clip quickly went viral and was just one of a series of incidents in which Biden appears to treat voters inappropriately.

At a separate event, Biden was seen speaking to another man who asked him if he will commit to phasing out all U.S. fossil fuel production. Biden once again responded aggressively, telling the questioner:

“Go back to 1986. I’m the first one ever to put forward a climate change bill and Politifact said it was a game-changer.”

Biden then proceeded to poke the voter in the chest before going on to say, “I’ve been working my whole life,” before turning his back to the man and walking away.

Many have previously reported on Biden’s tendency for being handsy. In 2019, former Nevada state Assemblywoman Lucy Flores wrote about her personal experience with the former Vice President, writing that she felt “uneasy, gross, and confused” when he kissed her on the head and rubbed her shoulders back in 2014. Until recently, however, Biden’s controversy concerned inappropriate affectionate touching and not angry poking and manhandling.

Talk of his son’s involvement with a Ukranian gas company, and potential cover-up of wrongdoing, may have been a catalyst for Biden’s new physical approach. In Mount Pleasant, he was questioned by a Trump supporter from Illinois about why Biden had encouraged Ukraine to fire one of its prosecutors. Biden responded by poking him in the chest and saying “the guy was a cheat.”

As if this behavior wasn’t weird enough for a presidential candidate, Biden has even been seen kissing his 19-year-old granddaughter…on the lips.

Arriving at a campaign event hosted by Clarke University, Biden hugged and kissed teenage Finnegan Biden, daughter of Hunter Biden, on the lips as supporters watched in confusion.

Biden is nothing if not consistent. While he has previously admitted that social norms are changing and that he is the type to use his hands, he appears to show no willingness to stop groping, poking, and manhandling supporters and detractors alike.