Joe Biden Gets Lost on His Way to a Point

( While addressing the UN Climate Change Conference in Glasgow Scotland last week, President Biden got lost on his way to a point. The amazing thing about this 36-second clip is the President was actually reading from notes and still couldn’t find his way to what he was trying to say.

He apologizes for repeating himself, then gets lost and apologizes again. Then he repeats himself again – all while reading from his binder.

Good grief. When Joe Biden fell asleep doing the opening speeches, apparently, he never woke up again.

It isn’t as if we need further proof that Joe Biden’s mind has slipped off the tracks. But if he can’t even keep track of what he’s saying when he’s directly reading off of his note cards, just how badly has old Joe’s brain derailed?

Just days later, we got more proof that Joe’s senility is reaching the critical stage.

On Wednesday, after the Wall Street Journal reported that the Department of Justice is considering giving $450,000 to every illegal alien separated from family and deported during the Trump Administration, Fox News White House correspondent Peter Doocy asked the President if the Journal report was accurate.

A snippy Biden said the report wasn’t true and called the claim “garbage.”

But then, just three days later, the visibly agitated Joe completely changed his tune.

He claimed he never said the report was “garbage.” He misrepresented Doocy’s question, claiming Doocy had asked if everyone coming over the border was getting $450,000. But that wasn’t what Doocy said. Peter Doocy specifically cited families who were separated at the border under Trump.

Then, like any frustrated senile man, Joe yelled like a lunatic, and proceeded to confirm all the “garbage” in the Wall Street Journal report: