Joe Biden Holds Virtual G-20 Meeting

( On Tuesday, President Biden held a virtual meeting with G-20 leaders to discuss counterterrorism and rescue efforts in Afghanistan.

The G-20 is made up of the world’s 20 major economies – including the US, China, Germany, the EU, the UK, and Russia.

The leaders on the virtual call discussed their commitment to humanitarian assistance for the Afghan people using independent international organizations to distribute the funds. They also discussed ways to promote human rights for Afghans, including women, girls and minorities.

Minorities? Really? Are there a lot of “Latinx” or “non-binary” people in Afghanistan?

In a statement on Tuesday’s G-20 call, the White House reiterated the administration’s continued commitment to “working closely with the international community” and addressing the situation in Afghanistan and the Afghan people through “diplomatic, humanitarian and economic means.”

Thousands of Afghan “allies” who worked with the US during the duration of the Afghanistan war remain trapped in the country. Thankfully, the Afghan interpreter who, in 2008, was on the mission to rescue then-Senator Joe Biden, was able to escape Afghanistan last week – though, through no help from Joe. US military veterans conducted that rescue operation.

President Biden and his wife will be leaving later this month to participate in the G-20 Summit in Rome. Thursday, the White House announced that, in addition to that meeting, while in Rome, they will also have an audience with Pope Francis.

In the statement, press secretary Jen Psaki said that the Bidens will discuss with Pope Francis working together to end the COVID pandemic, to tackle Climate Change, and caring for the poor.

What is unclear is whether or not the Pope will discuss with the Bidens how they can square their overly pro-abortion beliefs with their supposed “devout” Catholicism. But given that it’s Pope Francis, he probably won’t say a word.

After the G-20, Biden will then travel to Glasgow where he will participate in the World Leader Summit at the start of the 26th Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change that begins on November 1.