Joe Biden Is Sending Millions To Terrorists In Afghanistan

( After withdrawing American troops from Afghanistan before evacuating American civilians, and leaving behind tens of billions of dollars’ worth of military equipment, President Joe Biden is apparently unsatisfied with everything he has done to help militant Islamists in the Middle East.

Now, the president is planning on providing additional funds to the Taliban to help them build their new society.

The United States has reportedly agreed to give humanitarian aid to Afghanistan as the country faces economic disaster following the insurgency of the Taliban. The Taliban announced the news last Sunday, while admitting that the U.S. refuses to acknowledge the legitimacy of the new government.

The statement from the new rulers of Afghanistan follows the first round of talks between the United States and Afghanistan, but the U.S. federal government hasn’t commented on the plans as of yet.

Newsmax reports on the talks, which were held in Doha, Qatar, and said that they went “well.” The U.S. reportedly made it clear that they were not planning on officially recognizing the Taliban as the official government of Afghanistan, but will nonetheless provide economic aid to help the country rebuild.

What sense does that make?

Suhail Shaheen, a spokesman for the Taliban, told the Associated Press that their Acting Foreign Minister assured the United States during recent talks that they will not allow Islamic extremists to use Afghanistan soil to launch attacks against foreign nations – which is odd, given that the Taliban is literally an extremist organization itself.

The Taliban did, however, rule out working with the United States to actively control and monitor the Islamic State on its soil.

Okay, so the Taliban is a radical Islamic group that brutalizes innocent people and discriminates against women, and it refuses to help the U.S. stop the Islamic State…

So why is President Joe Biden planning on sending them money?