Biden’s War On Energy Just Transferred Labor And Gave It To China

( J.D. Vance, the Republican Senate candidate from Ohio and author of Hillbilly Elegy sat down with Breitbart’s Alex Marlow last week for an interview. And, among other things, Vance talked at length about Joe Biden’s energy-killing policies and how they are a net benefit to the Communist Chinese Government.

Not six months in, and already old Joe is making his paymasters happy.

Vance cited Biden’s dream of ridding America of combustion engine vehicles and forcing us all behind the wheel of electric cars. The sad fact is, China is the number one manufacturer of EV batteries.

Vance argues that, despite the magical promises, Biden’s “green energy” wish list will do nothing to “make the planet cleaner.” But it will transfer manufacturing jobs to China. Vance explains that subsidizing an industry like electric vehicles is, in reality, a subsidy for those who manufacture the technology. And that right now is China.

Not only would Biden’s plans subsidize a country that hates us, Vance tells Marlow, China will then be “building its middle class off the backs of ours.”

States like Ohio, which Vance hopes to represent in the Senate, would be negatively impacted by Biden’s China First energy policy.

But the Biden administration’s war on fossil fuels is, Vance explains, “much broader and much deeper.” Between cancelling natural gas pipelines and suspending drilling leases in ANWR, and the return of onerous regulations all destroy the very working Americans Joe Biden claims to care so very much about.

Vance explains how artificially inflating the cost of energy through green regulations only drives up the cost of domestic manufacturing, making the US a far less competitive place to do business.

Without access to cheap, cost-effective energy, no state can compete against the likes of China. But this is precisely what Biden’s energy policies are setting the stage for.

In the end, Vance tells Marlow, the only country that will benefit from Joe Biden’s energy policy is the People’s Republic of China.

Listen to the interview HERE.