Joe Biden Loses Support Of Moderates As Radical Leftism Becomes Too Much

( Joe Biden’s popularity, which remained relatively stable in the first several months of his presidency is beginning to crater. What’s worse, his disapproval numbers, despite his steady approval rate, have been consistently on the rise during the first six months of his administration.

If that trend continues, the Democrats, who hold razor-thin majorities in Congress may pay the price for the growing unpopularity of Joe Biden when they face voters in the 2022 Midterm elections.

Biden’s approval rating dipped below 50 percent this past week for the first time since he entered office. In addition to that, in February, slightly more than a third of Americans disapproved of Biden. That number has climbed to two-fifths disapproving.

While this is not uncommon for a first-term presidency, Biden’s collapsing numbers appear to be fueled by a lack of support among Independents which indicates that Biden’s attempt to appeal to them with bipartisanship isn’t working out the way he thought it would.

Currently, Biden’s job approval among independents is in the low 40s. According to Marquette Law School Poll director Charles Franklin, one of the things that is keeping Biden’s approval up is his COVID response. However, the current surge in cases, as well as the bungling from the administration, may send that support cratering as well. Which might explain why the Biden administration is working so hard to point the finger of blame to Republican governors.

Franklin also believes that as the Democrats grow more and more partisan, Biden’s only hope for reclaiming his approval is to focus on Independents. But the odds that Biden can do that when his administration is filled to the gills with far-Left partisans seems unlikely. Democrats are already losing support among Hispanics over their far-Left push.

Congressional Democrats have been given marching orders to return to their districts and play up the so-called “bipartisan infrastructure bill” while hawking “middle class tax cuts” and “affordable healthcare.”

But that won’t change the reality that this Administration and Congressional Democrats will be plagued by Biden’s failures — like persistent inflation, stagnating wages, rising consumer prices, the unprecedented influx of illegal aliens across the border, and the complete bungling of the US withdrawal from Afghanistan.

As Biden’s rapidly growing list of failures continues to increase, his approval numbers are bound to take a hit. And a highly unpopular president’s party never does well in the Midterm elections.