Joe Biden Publicly Supports Lockdown-Enthusiast Governor Gretchen Whitmer

( Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden publicly supported the Democratic Governor of Michigan, Gretchen Whitmer, on Friday. The former vice president said that there is “not a better governor” in the entire country.

It comes as Whitmer faces increasing backlash from her state residents for imposing one of the strict and most excessive lockdown plans in the country.

During a Detroit discussion with a handful of supporters, Biden said that there is “not a better governor in the United States of America than Gretchen Whitmer.”

Incredibly, the audience cheered and applauded.

Biden then called her a leader, praising her and saying, “you stand up straight and tall and you don’t bend.”

However, Governor Gretchen Whitmer has become increasingly popular among the people of her state. While maintaining an edge in terms of support thanks to the large Democrat voting base, the governor saw a dip in her approval ratings from 51% to 43.3% during the pandemic.

Whitmer, who oversaw the sending of COVID-19 patients to nursing homes, was also praised by Biden for having “stepped up” during the pandemic. Data shows that around one-third of all COVID-related deaths have taken place in nursing homes. The policy was similar to the one implemented by the Democratic leaders of New York, where nursing homes were used as treatment centers for COVID patients.

The decision resulted in thousands of elderly and vulnerable residents catching the disease and dying.

“You’ve shown this whole nation just how tough and thoughtful you are,” Biden said. “I’ve got to believe this state is so proud of you.”

Biden even went on to blame President Donald Trump for a kidnap plot that was foiled. Whitmer was meant to be the victim of a kidnapping plot organized by far-left anarchists who did not support President Donald Trump.

There is no evidence to suggest that those who organized the plot were supporters of President Donald Trump, but plenty of evidence of those involved describing themselves as anarchists and trashing the preside.t