Joe Biden Reportedly Not Calling The Shots As He’s Used As A Puppet

( Republican Senator for Wyoming John Barrosso recently hit out at President Joe Biden or failing to unite his party, despite running as a centrist and pretending he was competent.

The comments come as the United States Senate battles over the Democrats’ extremist and unprecedented proposed $3.5 trillion spending bill. Senators Joe Manchin and Krysten Sinema have repeatedly stood in the way of the Democrats passing the bill in the Senate through the budget reconciliation process, which needs only a simple majority to pass.

“Joe Biden ran as a centrist and as competent,” Barrosso said in an October 3 tweet, sharing a video of an interview on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace.

“Joe Biden has now walked the plank for the socialist Bernie Sanders’ budget. He is man overboard and he can’t swim,” he added.


Senator Barrosso accused some Democrats of “driving the bus” while President Joe Biden is just going “along for the ride.”

Speaking to NBC’s Meet the Press, senior White House Advisor Cedric Richmond tried to play down the recent drama, which has seen Senator Sinema harassed in the street and even on an airplane by far-left activists pressuring her to support the legislation. Richmond said that the White House is still committed to passing the bipartisan infrastructure bill as well as the reconciliation package.

But without the support of Senators Sinema and Manchin, the reconciliation package cannot be passed.

Has it not occurred to the White House that if they can’t get sufficient support in the Senate to pass their unprecedented $3.5 trillion bill, then maybe the bill isn’t actually all that popular?

During the same interview, Barrosso hit out at the president for risking the possibility of worsened inflation, saying that the American people are already “feeling the bite of inflation” when buying gas and groceries, and that if the Democrats huge spending and tax bill passes, then the situation is going to get much worse.

Does President Joe Biden realize this is happening? Does he just not care?