Joe Biden Said There Was A Border Crisis In 2014, Research Shows

( President Joe Biden might still be refusing to admit that there’s a crisis on the border, and he may well have campaigned on the false narrative that President Donald Trump’s border wall was “racist” – but that doesn’t change the fact that he once talked about a crisis on the border.

Joe Biden, a hypocrite? Say it’s not so…

In a speech from 2014, then-Vice President Joe Biden admitted that there was a “crisis” at the southern border. He made the comments at an event in Guatemala City, appearing alongside then-President of Mexico Enrique Pena Nieto. He said that the United States and Mexico agreed that the situation was “untenable and unsustainable.”

The comments came at a time when huge numbers of children were taken across the border by human traffickers and illegal alien families. A total of 68,541 illegal alien children, unaccompanied by adults, were apprehended by border patrol officials. It was a 77% increase over the year before, and enough for Joe Biden to say there was a crisis.

Meanwhile, in 2021, some 170,000 illegal aliens were taken into custody at the Southwest border in March this year, which was the highest monthly total since 2006.

But President Joe Biden now refuses to acknowledge the crisis, and only admitted it was a crisis by accident when answering questions from journalists without the aid of a teleprompter.

In 2014, Biden said that the Obama administration would “take both immediate steps in the crisis and long-term challenges that we’re going to have to meet.” But by the end of the Obama administration, the crisis was as bad as ever – and it would take a New York real estate tycoon to run for president and do something about it.

You can read a full transcript of the 2014 speech here, and if the media wasn’t in the pocket of the Democrats, the president wouldn’t be able to live this one down.