Joe Biden Says Hitler Had Demons

( After rapper Kanye West made a flurry of antisemitic remarks on Thursday, President Joe Biden bravely and heroically denounced Hitler on Friday.

“I just want to make a few things clear: The Holocaust happened. Hitler was a demonic figure,” The White House tweeted on Biden’s Twitter announced.

The tweet is idiotic in that Biden seems to be setting himself apart from who? Which president supported Hitler?

In a Thursday interview with broadcaster Alex Jones, West remarked, “I adore Hitler,” and he complimented the renowned historical figure for the “positive things” he did. This generated indignation and revulsion.

The anti-Semitic rapper continued, “We’ve got to stop always making fun of the Nazis.”

The question is, “why would Biden think that he would have to reiterate he is anti-Nazi after a rapper made asinine remarks”?

On Friday morning, West posted some thoughts on the president’s Twitter account, and the White House seemed prepared to respond.

The president chastised social media platforms and broadcasters for allowing West to post hateful remarks on their platforms, seemingly unaware that the spotlight is the best way to root out and ostracize controversial speech.

There is a valid philosophy for allowing people to say racist things publicly so that they may suffer the consequences of their speech.

Biden said our political leaders ought to expose and denounce antisemitism wherever it lurks, he argued, not give it a forum.

One wonders how you can denounce speech if it is not allowed. But, generally, Biden is not intelligent, so trying to unravel his logic is a fool’s errand.

Additionally, Biden advocated for Republicans to openly and universally denounce West for his antisemitic remarks. Meanwhile, the GOP is the party that supports Israel. The left has a problem with the Jewish state, continually calling it genocidal and an apartheid state.

“Silence is complicity,” Biden said.

We would run out of bandwidth if we enumerated all the immoral things with which the left remains silent.

West was removed from Twitter after uploading a picture of the Jewish Star of David combined with the Nazi Swastika.

Musk used the acronym “FAFO” on Twitter to express his decision, which stands for “f**k around and find out.”