Joe Biden Says Jill Might Leave Him For An Indian Reservation

( During his embarrassing remarks at the White House’s Tribal Nations Summit last Wednesday, President Biden joked that he was afraid that his wife Jill wouldn’t want to come home after visiting so many Indian reservations.

The president was recounting all of the times Jill Biden visited Indian reservations since he became president, including her visit to a Cherokee school in Oklahoma when he joked that Jill spent so much time on reservations that he was worried “she’s not going to come home one of these days when she goes.”

When the audience obligingly laughed at his joke, Biden hinted that he wasn’t joking, adding he hears Jill talk more about Navajos than she talks about him.

When the audience obligingly laughed at this joke, Biden again told them he wasn’t joking.

Biden also claimed that he had spent a lot of time in “Indian country” while he was a senator and vice president, adding that he plans to make an official presidential visit as well.

He bragged about having more than sixty Native Americans working in his administration, including his Secretary of the Interior Deborah Haaland.

All that was missing was telling them “some of my best friends are Indians.”

Biden also boasted about his efforts to send taxpayer funds to Tribal nations for green energy boondoggles, infrastructure improvement, and education.

He also bragged that he was using his authority under the antiquities act to increase the amount of land placed under federal protection. He cited his plan to turn 450,000 acres in Nevada, including Spirit mountain, into a national monument.

Biden also declared himself the most supportive president in history when it comes to Tribal nations, claiming that no other president has done as much as his administration has done. “Period. I am committed,” he added.