Joe Biden To Use “Red Phone” To Talk Secretly With China

( President Joe Biden is reportedly looking at setting up a communication line with China through a “red phone.”

If you’ve never heard of the term before, it simply refers to an open and direct line of communication with the country. It was used widely during the Cold War with Russia, in reference to the United States’ open line with Moscow at that time.

A report from CNN claimed on Wednesday that a red telephone is still just a concept but is being actively pursued by the Biden administration – though it has yet to be raised with Chinese officials. So it may happen…assuming China wants to play ball and establish positive relations with the United States.

And so far, it doesn’t seem likely that China wants to do that, having recently reaffirmed its commitment to supporting North Korea and Russia with deep political, economic, and business ties.

If the red phone were to be put in place, it would become an official strategy from the White House and one part of a “broader effort” to reduce the likelihood of armed conflict between the United States and China.

…or it could give President Joe Biden a more direct line to speak to his buddies and alleged business contacts over there. Just saying.

Reports suggest that the red phone would allow Biden to immediately connect with Chinese President Xi Jinping through an encrypted phone and messaging system. It may also be used by top White House officials.