Joe Rogan Joins Gettr “Just In Case”

( Joe Rogan, the world-renowned podcaster who now gets more viewers than any television news show on the planet, recently joined GETTR – a free-speech version of Twitter that is run by former advisor to President Donald Trump, Jason Miller.

In his first post on the platform, Rogan wrote, “Just in case sh*t over at Twitter gets even dumber, I’m here now as well…Rejoice!”

The decision blew left-wing activists’ minds, with far-left news outlets bemoaning the fact that a liberal like Rogan would choose to use a platform that was founded by conservatives. It’s hardly a controversial or strange idea, given that conservatives often join and use platforms founded by leftists, but that’s the world we live in these days.

Rogan also announced to his almost 8 million followers on Twitter that he had joined the platform, and encouraged other people to do the same.

“Join me on GETTR,” he wrote.

The announcement comes shortly after Twitter removed one of his recent podcast casts, renowned scientist Dr. Robert Malone, from the platform. Malone appeared on the platform to discuss the COVID-19 vaccine and pandemic, and clearly said some things that the overlords at Twitter didn’t want people to hear.

Among the comments that apparently went too far for Twitter were claims that the way the Biden administration has handled the pandemic is “lawless.” He also accurately labeled the COVID-19 vaccine “experimental” and said that vaccine mandates were illegal.

In the wake of the announcement, GETTR announced a “tremendous surge in signups,” meaning people might finally have an alternative to Twitter that doesn’t silence users based on their political opinions.