John Bolton’s Book MYSTERIOUSLY LEAKS, Gives Media New Ammunition Against President Trump

( John Bolton, the former National Security Adviser who was fired by President Donald Trump in September last year, has been a hot topic on left-wing news outlets for months now. The former National Security Adviser wrote a tell-all book that attacked President Trump, and which was blocked from publication by a lawsuit filed by the Department of Justice on Tuesday.

The Trump administration has repeatedly argued that the book contains sensitive and classified information, and that the book also contains several falsehoods. Despite the lawsuit, however, a copy of the book somehow, mysteriously, leaked to major American media and news outlets on Wednesday. Now, everything the disgruntled former member of the Trump administration has to say has been seen by some of the biggest names in the news business.

Soon after the leak, both the New York Times and The Washington Post published summaries of the 592-page book.

“The Room Where It Happened: A White House Memoir” was meant to be published on June 23, and while it still can’t be ready by members of the public, its release to the media means that classified information and sensitive materials that the Department of Justice cited in the lawsuit have now been seen by journalists desperate to make the president look bad.

The Wall Street Journal did more than publish a summary of the book, too – opting instead to publish a whole excerpt of the book about a conversation between President Donald Trump and Xi Jinping, the President of China.

If you still think it’s possible that the book was unintentionally leaked, consider this: every book has a copyright disclaimer on its first few pages. In that disclaimer, the author and the publisher explain that the republishing of the book, or significant excerpts, is strictly not allowed unless those who wish to reproduce it receive the express permission from the copyright holder. The fact that the Wall Street Journal published an entire excerpt means that they almost certainly have the permission of the copyright holder to do so.

The timing of the leak couldn’t be worse for President Trump. Polls suggest presumptive Democratic candidate Joe Biden has a 13-point lead over the president, and if people fall for whatever Bolton says in this book, it could be hard for the president to defend himself.