John Boozman Accused Of Last Minute Attempt to Smear Opponent’s Military Service

( Republican Senator John Boozman from Arkansas, who former President Donald Trump backed, was caught on hidden camera, equating worries about the legality of the 2020 election to the panic that Democrats had around Russiagate. Boozman was running for re-election in Arkansas.

Sen. Boozman also expressed his disagreement with the idea that President Trump should seek the presidency again in 2024, stating that “I don’t see that happening.”
In the film acquired by Gateway Pundit from a hidden camera, Boozman can be heard saying that the 2020 election was okay since Republicans examined it.

In the video, a woman asks Boozman what his opinions are on the validity of the election that took place in 2020? She asks if he thinks it’s something that should continue to be spoken about.

In response, Senator Boozman said as far as the validity is concerned, he thinks very strongly that once the states certify. Each state acts independently once they certify, then it’s finished. He qualified it by saying unless something really obvious comes up. But Boozman noted that a Republican justice department and the attorney general both said that it’s alright. They had a look at these things. Once you certify them and move on, it’s too late for us to do anything about them.

Voters now know that Joe Biden, one of the worst candidates in US history, benefitted from ballot traffickers stealing the election from President Donald Trump in every swing state.

But now, Senator Boozman is spreading smears about his MAGA opponent in the primary, Jake Bequette.

Jake Bequette played in the National Football League and served as an Army Ranger. In addition to having incredible talent, he is a devoted fan of Donald Trump.
Today, Jake Bequette took Boozman and his crew to task for distributing leaflets that were critical of his time served in the military.