John Durham Names Big Tech Executive In Russia Collusion Investigation

( It’s been revealed this week that an opposition researcher hired by tech businessman Rodney Joffe appeared to have reservations about his mission of constructing a story of a collaboration between the Kremlin and former President Donald Trump in August 2016.
According to a filing by Special Counsel John Durham on April 4, Joffe informed an opposition research team that top Clinton campaign officials were seeking a factual narrative that could be utilized as the foundation for a more significant inquiry of Trump and Russia.
Joffe indicated in an email that Trump stated he and his organization had no involvement with .ru web domains other than the failed Casino and the Miss Universe pageant. He said he had no dealings with any financial institutions.
He asked the researcher to find something that showed this to be a lie, and anything with that kind of potential would be a winner.
One of the researchers responded to Joffe a few days later, stating his proposal was unrealistic and would not fly in the face of public scrutiny.
The researcher was concerned that even making a very weak association would necessitate that they divulge every trick they had in our bag.
He warned that they would have the Trump camp trying to shoot it down and all the privacy freaks trying to come up with a ridiculous conspiracy theory on how they got the data.
The pragmatic hacker was sorry to report they weren’t even close to devising a strategy acceptable to the general public.
He said, wisely, that the only thing motivating them was a dislike for Trump, and their scheme would not pass muster in the eyes of the general people.
Despite this skepticism, the team finally published a white paper saying that Trump Organization computer systems communicated with computers at Russia’s Alfa Bank.
The white paper would be handed over to the FBI on Sept. 19, 2016, by lawyer Michael Sussmann, who supported Clinton’s campaign and is now suspected of lying to the FBI about the nature of his work there.

Durham has recommended that talks between Joffe and internet researchers be admitted as evidence in Sussmann’s upcoming trial.