John Kerry Calls Out Countries He Claims Aren’t Fighting Climate Change

( Heads up China, India, Russia, Brazil, Mexico, Indonesia, and South Africa. You guys are such a disappointment to Climate Czar John Kerry, he’s put you on his naughty list.

During an interview at the Reuters Next conference on Wednesday, Kerry expressed his dismay over how little these countries are doing to battle global warming and urged them all to “step up.”

See, Climate Kerry wants to lower the earth’s temperatures by 1.5 degrees Celsius before the earth is reduced to a burning husk orbiting the sun. And Kerry believes those countries aren’t doing enough to help send world civilization back to the pre-industrial age.

But take heart you misbehaving nations who put your economic viability ahead of John Kerry’s unrealistic plans. Climate Kerry isn’t going to leave you to shoulder the burden yourselves. Instead, Biden’s Climate Czar wants all the countries willing to commit suicide to “help” those naughty countries commit suicide as well.

Think of it as Green Assisted Suicide.

Central to Kerry’s plans is to secure some kind of “climate agreement” with the naughtiest of the bunch, China. Kerry believes the “current climate situation” won’t be solved unless Beijing is fully engaged and committed.

And China will be more than happy to play along. They’ll sign on to some “agreement” just to keep Climate Kerry happy. Then they won’t do a thing. Because Beijing knows the US will blunder ahead and destroy its economy, leaving China free to become the sole economic superpower in the world.

Kerry told Reuters that the United States will work with developing nations to help them make the transition to cleaner forms of energy. Of course, American taxpayers will be stuck with the bill.

Kerry conceded that “no government on the planet” has the money it would take to transition away from fossil fuels. However, Kerry told Reuters, the private sector does have the money. Well, they won’t for long if the Democrats keep taxing them to death.

Reuters reports that some of those developing nations Climate Kerry wants to “help” aren’t particularly interested in eliminating fossil fuels because, unlike John Kerry, they know that access to cheap, plentiful energy is the gateway to economic growth and stability. Thus proving that even developing nations have more common sense than the dopes in the Biden administration.