John Kerry Lobbying to Stop the Ban on Chinese Imports Made by Slave Labor

( John Kerry, Joe Biden’s Climate Czar is hard at work lobbying Congress to oppose legislation that would ban the import of all Chinese-manufactured products that are made using slave labor. And as odious as that already sounds, Kerry’s motives make it even more odious.

The legislation, The Uyghur Forced Labor Protection Act, was passed in the Senate back in July but has so far stalled in the House. It would target China’s manufacturing of solar panels and other equipment the US would need to pursue the Biden administration’s green energy dreams.

Kerry opposes the legislation because he believes it would both hamper his possible climate deal with China and tensions with Beijing. But that might only be part of the reason Kerry is working so hard to kill this bill.

John Kerry financially benefits from the very Chinese manufacturing this legislation would target.

Kerry holds a one million dollar stake in a Chinese private equity fund that is the second-largest shareholder in LONGi Green Energy.

Human rights organizations and US lawmakers have accused LONGi of sourcing many of its raw materials from companies suspected of using forced labor in Xinjiang, the region in northwest China where Beijing cracked down on the Uyghurs and other ethnic minorities.

While the State Department as a whole opposes the legislation, it is Kerry who is spearheading efforts to get the House to tank it. When he was in Glasgow, Scotland for the UN Climate Change Conference, Kerry told reporters that the US and China are making progress on reducing carbon emissions, leading some to believe that any possible action on the use of Uyghur slave labor is taking a backseat in these negotiations.

According to the Associated Press, Kerry had engaged in a “forceful debate with other administration officials” on the slave labor issue before his most recent trip to China. And according to the Washington Free Beacon, one foreign policy source said that among those “in the China policy circle,” there is “a lot of chatter” about Kerry’s opposition to the bill.

These claims are denied by the State Department, however, who argues that Kerry’s lengthy career is proof that he stands for human rights.

Yes, such a human rights champion.

Except when he was specifically asked about China’s use of slave labor in manufacturing solar panels while in Scotland, Human Rights Champion John Kerry said “That’s not my lane.”

A senior Republican congressional aide told the Free Beacon that Kerry’s push to secure a climate deal with China is undermining the Biden administration’s human rights agenda that expressly includes the rights of Uyghurs.

So, just as Kerry gave Iran everything they demanded just so he could secure the disastrous nuclear deal, he is now willing to sacrifice the Uyghurs just to score another pointless deal with China.

And benefiting financially from the bill’s demise is just icing on the cake.