John Roberts Is Chief Justice, But Clarence Thomas Runs The Court

( Last month, another opinion writer wrote another opinion piece on how the Supreme Court is no longer the Roberts Court, but the Thomas Court.

As if that’s a bad thing.

This has been a common theme ever since the Supreme Court overturned New York State’s concealed carry permit law and Roe v. Wade, no doubt as a way to accuse the Court’s “far right” tilt on Justice Clarence Thomas whom the Left despises.

The latest “It’s the Thomas Court Now” column, written by James Romoser, appeared in the National Journal on September 29 just days before the latest Supreme Court term began.

Romoser explains that Thomas, the longest-serving justice on the court, changed his approach to oral arguments during the COVID pandemic. For decades, Justice Thomas rarely asked questions. But now, he “interrogates the lawyers” during oral arguments, “often marking the terrain on which the case will be fought.

He also notes that the other justices seem to defer to Thomas, letting him begin questioning before they do.

Romoser views this deference as “symbolic of Thomas’s remarkable ascendance.”

He describes Justice Thomas as the “intellectual leader of a conservative transformation” that the conservative majority is “ushering into American law.”

Unsurprisingly, Romoser manages to bring up his wife, Ginni Thomas, recapping her supposed efforts to “overturn the 2020 election.” He notes that Justice Thomas has remained silent about his wife’s political activities and disappointingly adds that “the revelations” about his wife are unlikely to “erode Clarence’s influence.”

Oh, well. Too bad.

In a nutshell, Romoser seems to believe that Justice Clarence Thomas’ embrace of originalism has influenced both the conservative and liberal justices on the Court. He notes that all of the justices “now consider originalism to be the default mode of constitutional interpretation” and it has become “commonplace” for the Court to “lean on obscure 19th-century documents” and “appeal to the nation’s deep-seated ‘traditions.’”

Heaven forbid!

Read Romoser’s column HERE.