Journalist Under Fire For Pathetic Hit Piece On DeSantis That’s 20 Years Old

( As much as they hate him, the media just can’t find a single legitimate piece of dirt on Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. But rather than give up, ProPublica reporter Alec MacGillis decided to hop in the way-back machine and highlight decades-old gossip about the popular Republican governor.

Last weekend on Twitter, MacGillis shared a Financial Times article by Joshua Chaffin that described DeSantis as “Donald Trump with brains and without drama.” But what struck MacGillis about this article was a trivial second-hand account of DeSantis’ time as an undergraduate at Yale.

A friend claimed that as a college student, DeSantis would deliberately mispronounce the word “Thai” as “thigh” when talking to a date to see if she corrected him. And if she did correct him, DeSantis would find a way to make a quick exit because he “didn’t want a girlfriend who corrected him.”

MacGillis quoted a portion of this anecdote on Twitter, prefacing it with “Yikes.”

Unsurprisingly, MacGillis got mocked ruthlessly for thinking this anecdote would hurt Ron DeSantis.

A lot of people on Twitter found the college-age DeSantis’ strategy for weeding out incompatible women rather clever.

Others noted the more damning history of Democrat politicians, like Ted Kennedy driving drunk and leaving a woman to drown or Joe Biden’s decades-long history of inappropriately touching young girls.

For his part, MacGillis believed the highlighted decades-old hearsay was a “small but striking detail.”

Okay, but a striking detail of what precisely?

That Ron DeSantis didn’t want to get too entangled with a girl whom he thought was incompatible so he came up with a quick, clever way to cull the herd?

If only everybody was that clever.

What is truly striking here isn’t the anecdote.

The striking thing is that reporters can’t seem to lay a finger on Ron DeSantis.