Joy Reid Mocks “White Tears” During Racist Rant Against Kyle Rittenhouse

( There is no more loathsome creature on cable news today than MSNBC’s Joy Reid. Despite her lackluster ratings and her nightly racist rants, the cable network does nothing to rein in her deranged hate-filled content.

It’s easy to imagine the public outcry if a white host on Fox News said the kind of racist things about black people that Joy Reid gets away with saying about white people on a nightly basis.

This week Joy took a break from spewing her racist rhetoric and white supremacy conspiracy theories on her show to spew racist rhetoric on TikTok.

In her TikTok video, Reid once again sneered over Kyle Rittenhouse breaking down into tears during his testimony. Comparing Rittenhouse’s trial to Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearing, the odious crank claimed that both benefited from their “male, white tears” while defending themselves.

Reid, who claimed at the time of Kavanaugh’s confirmation that his tears of frustration were “more powerful” than Christine Blasey Ford’s, said she saw the same thing happening in Rittenhouse’s testimony.

The loathsome woman believes that “In America, there’s a thing about both white vigilantism and white tears.” But what really bugs her are “male, white tears.” Though, white tears, in general, annoy Joy Reid “because that’s what Karens are, right?”

“Karen” is often used as a racial slur against white women.

The inappropriately-named Joy added that when a “Karen” gets caught, out come the “waterworks.” Because only white women cry, thinks the disgusting racist crank from MSNBC.

But it isn’t just white “Karens” that pull this. Nope. Those sneaky white men do it too “because it has the same effect.”

Not only is this woman a disgusting racist, but she’s also a liar.

Christine Blasey Ford wasn’t a “friend” of Brett Kavanaugh. Ford testified that she didn’t know Kavanaugh very well, only having attended some of the same parties as he. Kavanaugh also testified that he may have met her, but didn’t know her.

It is mystifying that MSNBC permits this vicious bigot to remain on their network.

Then again, if they fired her, she’d probably turn on the waterworks.