Judicial Watch President Accuses Soros Group Of Political Jihad

(TheLibertyRevolution.com)- In a recent interview, Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton questioned the motives of Good Information Foundation after the tax-exempt organization was accused of trying to pay an attorney to post false information about former President Donald Trump and Trump Republicans on social media.

Recently, attorney Preston Moore posted a video on TikTok alleging that he was offered $400 from Good Information Foundation to make a video about January 6 attacking Trump and his supporters and post it on his social media accounts to reach a broader audience:

In an interview last Tuesday on “Breitbart News Daily,” Tom Fitton said more transparency is needed about Good Information Foundation, including who runs it and who sits on the board of directors.

Fitton explained that the organization hasn’t been around long enough for its financial information to be publicly available.

He told host Alex Marlow that we need to know if Good Information Foundation will be participating in public policy debates during the election without the public knowing who is behind the group and how much money it has.

While he conceded that non-profits have no legal requirement to disclose their leadership, it is “murky” and “unusual” for a non-profit that is engaging in public policy work to have such a convoluted front.

Fitton added that Moore’s claim that he was offered money to “go after MAGA” means Good Information Foundation is waging a “non-profit political jihad against Trump and his supporters.”

Listen to the interview HERE.