Kamala and Mayor Pete Travel to NC to Promote Infrastructure Bill

(TheLibertyRevolution.com)- On Thursday, Vice President Kamala Harris and stay-at-home Dad Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg flew to Charlotte, North Carolina to promote the $1.2 Trillion “infrastructure” spending bill in a desperate attempt to goose Joe Biden’s cratering approval numbers.

Unfortunately for Harris, her big trip was marred by the news that yet another senior member of her dysfunctional staff was calling it quits.

It seems almost cruel that the White House made Kamala share the stage with the guy many believe will be chosen over her as Joe Biden’s heir apparent. One wonders if the Biden people did that on purpose just to mess with her.

It’s possible the White House forced Buttigieg and Harris to make a joint trip in hopes of putting to rest the rumors of their rivalry. But if that’s the case, it probably didn’t work.

Business Insider even took the time to interview a body language expert who dissected the pair’s “awkward” moments during their North Carolina trip. But you didn’t need a body language expert to notice the awkwardness.

In his column “Is anyone buying this ridiculous Kamala and Pete show?” New York Post columnist Kyle Smith said of their awkward “tarmac hug” at the airport they “managed to hug like they wished they were in two different time zones.”

During her Charlotte speech, Kamala accidentally summed up the Biden economy perfectly:

The funny thing is, Kamala seemed to be clueless that she and Joe Biden are the reason people are struggling right now. As the old saying goes, she who smelt it dealt it.

Then again, she’s never been particularly good at figuring out the “root causes” of things.

The entire rationale for the trip is bizarre. Since the Infrastructure bill already passed Congress and is signed into law, why send anyone to campaign for it?

No, this trip wasn’t about promoting a bill that is already signed. It was about the optics of showing Kamala and Pete in a united front. Nothing more than a “See everybody? We get along great! No tensions here. Move along.”

The day before their awkward North Carolina trip, Kamala’s chief spokeswoman Symone Sanders announced she was leaving at the end of the year. Sanders was the second Kamala senior staffer to flee this sinking ship. Two weeks earlier, Kamala’s communications director Ashley Etienne also hit the eject button.

On Thursday night, Greg Gutfield and his late-night panel discussed Kamala’s fleeing staffers.

Watch that HERE.