Kamala Harris Celebrated Passover With Wine Made In the West Bank

(TheLibertyRevolution.com)- Anti-Israel activists were furious last week after a photo from Vice President Kamala Harris and husband Doug Emhoff’s Passover Seder revealed the Second Couple featured a bottle of wine made by an Israeli company located in a West Bank settlement.

The photo of their Passover table tweeted out by Emhoff on Friday, features a bottle of wine made by Psagot Winery, an Israeli company based in the West Bank. West Bank settlements are a bone of contention for anti-Israel activists who believe the West Bank belongs to Palestinians, therefore any Israeli settlements located there are built on “stolen land.”

In 2016, Psagot Winery challenged a French court that ruled its wine bottles must include a label reading that the product was made in an “Israeli settlement.” The company lost the challenge.

But what really bugged the anti-Israel crowd was the company’s decision in 2020 to name a wine after former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. During the Trump administration, Pompeo reversed a long-held State Department policy that Israeli settlements in the West Bank are considered a violation of international law.

Unlike the Trump administration, the Biden administration vehemently opposes Israeli settlements in the West Bank, claiming such expansion would be damaging to a possible “two-state solution” between Israel and Palestine.

Unsurprisingly, the Vice President’s choice of wine made in the West Bank set the pro-Palestinian activists’ teeth on edge.

Faced with unexpected blowback from the anti-Israel “progressive” base of the Democrat Party, Kamala’s senior advisor for communications, Herbie Ziskend, had to engage in a little damage control. Ziskend tweeted that the choice of wine at the Veep’s Passover Seder was “in no way intended to be an expression of policy.”

But gauging the replies to Ziskend’s tweet, it doesn’t appear the anti-Israel crowd is buying it.