Kamala Harris Emerges As Main Enemy Of GOP

(TheLibertyRevolution.com)- Vice President Kamala Harris isn’t doing a particularly good job…and that’s not a controversial thing to say. Even Democrat officials are growing worried at Harris’ inability to please the public, and now Republicans on the campaign trail are targeting her performance as the 2022 midterms near.

The Hill reports how attacks against Vice President Harris are increasing from Republicans vying to take Senate and House seats next year, focusing on Harris’ dropping approval ratings and her abysmal performance handling the crisis at the southern border.

Harris has even drawn criticism from her own staff, with 20 former and current Harris aides recently telling Politico that the Vice President and her chief of staff have created an “abusive” environment for staff where voices are routinely heard and staffers blamed for mistakes made by their bosses.

Keith Naughton, a Republican strategist, told The Hill that Harris’ numbers are worse than Biden’s and that she has not shown herself to be “particularly adept” on the trial so far. He added that she just “doesn’t have good instincts.”

That’s probably why she failed so badly in the presidential race, dropping out before her home state of California even had an opportunity to cast their votes.

A recent poll by Politico and Morning Consult found that Harris has a 46-46 favorability rating, while President Joe Biden is (allegedly) at 51-45.

As the midterms approach, we should expect more attacks on Vice President Kamala Harris…but it’s not as though she doesn’t deserve it.