Kamala Harris Leaves America

(TheLibertyRevolution.com)- With a Russian invasion of Ukraine “imminent,” the Biden administration is deploying their foreign policy Secret Weapon to face down Putin and de-escalate the current tensions in Eastern Europe.

Okay, not really.

Instead, they’re deploying Vice President Kamala Harris.

On Thursday, the inexperienced, bungling Veep set off for Germany to attend the Munich Security Conference, no doubt to determine the “root causes” of the crisis on Ukraine’s border.

Just two hours after Kamala left on Air Force Two to save the world, President Biden told reporters that Russia will be invading Ukraine “within the next several days.”

Deploying Kamala Harris drives a gaping hole through the White House’s gloom and doom narrative over Ukraine. Just how dire is the situation if the White House is deploying Kamala Harris?

The woman has zero foreign or diplomatic experience.

This would be like sending a six-year-old T-ball player to New York to play for the Yankees.

In an interview on Newsmax Wednesday, Republican Congressman Tim Burchett spoke for all of America when he said he doubted Vladimir Putin is shaking in his boots because Kamala is heading to Germany.

Every task President Biden has assigned this woman was bungled. She failed to even visit the southern border after he tasked her with addressing the crisis he unleashed. For months, she dragged her feet and did nothing about the crisis. Then, she claimed that Biden didn’t put her in charge of the border crisis (he did), instead, she claimed he tasked her to find the “root causes” (he didn’t).

And when she was put in charge of getting the Democrats’ so-called “voting rights” legislation through the Senate, she failed at that too.

But this is the person Biden is sending to Munich when war is supposedly “imminent?”

The bungling Harris is scheduled to meet with leaders from Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. She will also meet with Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky which probably won’t make him feel confident in America’s commitment to his country.

Worse still, Kamala is scheduled to deliver a speech on Saturday addressing the Ukraine crisis.

And we all know how brilliant Kamala’s speeches can be, like this one from France:

If a war in Europe really is imminent, then maybe it’s a really bad time to send Kamala to Munich for a little on-the-job training.