Kamala Harris Snubbed Shooting Victims On Recent Trip

According to a video report, Conservatives criticized Vice President Kamala Harris for snubbing the victims of the horrific shooting that spurred a rally during her unexpected visit to Tennessee to speak with Democrat legislators ejected for disrupting proceedings at the state legislature.

After the massacre at The Covington Catholic Church, Harris rushed to Nashville for a meeting with two state legislators who were booted from the Tennessee General Assembly.  They demonstrated by illegally inviting raucous protesters into the Assembly room who supported gun regulation after six people, including three children, were killed in a shooting at Nashville’s The Covenant School.

Three 9-year-old pupils and three staff members were killed when former student Audrey Hale, a transgender who believes she is a male, unleashed her evil on a private Christian school.

After the massacre, police revealed Hale was receiving help for an emotional illness.

According to reports, Harris had a secret meeting with the three Democrat representatives who were expelled. Gloria Johnson, Justin Jones, and Justin Pearson.

A mass demonstration for gun control headed by state representatives Pearson, Jones, and Johnson a few days later drew hundreds of people to the legislative building. Pearson and Jones were then kicked out of the Tennessee legislature, which the Republican party controls.

The Tennessee Democrat Party and activists met with Kamala Harris, according to reports. She has been criticized for ignoring those killed and their loved ones of the horrific school shooting.

Harris’s spokesperson wouldn’t answer reporters’ questions about why the senator didn’t visit the elementary school where some victims were enrolled.

During her trip to Tennessee, Harris also delivered an exaggerated speech in Fisk University’s chapel, in which she criticized Tennessee Republicans for purportedly stifling opposition by expelling the opposition from the state legislature.

According to reports, critics wasted no time in attacking the address. The Democrats were accused of hypocrisy for keeping the bombshell Hunter Biden laptop discovery from The New York Post in the run-up to the 2020 election.

Last Friday, the White House extended an invitation to the three Democrats.