Kamala Harris Was Reportedly “Used” And Abused By Biden For Throw Away Role

(TheLibertyRevolution.com)- Will Cain, one of the co-hosts on Fox News’ “The Five” speculated recently that the reason why Vice President Kamala Harris hasn’t been seen in public very much recently is that the Biden White House is increasingly aware that she is unpopular and that she was “used” on the Biden ticket.

He acknowledge the irony of using Harris on the ticket, to present the Biden campaign as modern and diverse, given that she is now likely going to be one of the things that bring the administration down.

Speaking on The Five, Cain said that if he was Kamala Harris right now, he’d be “extremely offended” over the fact that she was used. He said that the Biden campaign used her to “pander to a voting base to get votes” and that she was only useful because she is a racial minority and a woman.

“Now that they don’t need her, they have shelved her because her approval rating is -19,” he added.


He continued by saying that Kamala Harris has a right to be extremely upset, but acknowledge that the biden administration is currently in a tough decision, stuck between admitting that they only used Harris to get elected, or running her back out and putting her in front of the public only for her numbers to plummet even further.

For the time being, it looks like the Biden administration is just content with jetting Kamala all over the world – anywhere but America – so she can look as though she’s busy without appearing in front of the American people and cackling at journalists whenever they ask questions.

Shannon Bream, another co-host of The Five, said that Harris’ campaign didn’t take off and head to drop out of the race, noting how she couldn’t raise money and was polling badly.

Bream also pointed out the horrible job Harris did overseeing the border crisis, which is one of the primary reasons why the American people have no faith in her…

Watch the segment here.