Kellyanne Conway Says Trump Will Run In 2024

( Former White House advisor Kellyanne Conway believes that former President Donald Trump will run for President again in 2024.

In a phone interview to discuss her new book, “Here’s the Deal,” Conway remarked that if she were a betting woman right now, she’d say the odds are that Trump runs.

Conway was the campaign manager for Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign and remained in the White House for virtually the entirety of Trump’s presidency. She remained in his inner circle as one of his closest and most trusted advisors.

Conway told the interviewer that she could share Trump’s desire to run with tremendous confidence for two reasons. Conway claimed the first reason is he recognizes he has favorably improved this nation, and second, he is upset by what is happening to the country at the hands of Biden and Harris, as is the case with a majority of Americans. The same sentiment shows in surveys.

Conway added that President Trump is the head of the America First movement if he decides to run again in 2024. She suggested Trump would be the frontrunner. Many Americans who are enraged, disgusted, and severely and badly affected by the Biden and Harris administration and its policies will be excited.

According to reports, if Trump chooses not to run, scores of other Republicans are anticipated to enter the race. If President Joe Biden decides not to run again, the field of contenders might get even more crowded. Biden, 79, has stated that he will run for president again, but his age and low approval rating raise concerns among Washington insiders.

In the interview, Kellyanne Conway said there will be a healthy fight within the Republican Party among dozens of men and women to stake their claims to the America First mantle if President Trump decides not to run in 2024. She didn’t mention any specific candidates she thought would win.

According to Conway’s book, those making forecasts should pay heed to what the most enthusiastic voters are saying. Trump created a movement, and the lessons from MAGA are crucial.