Kellyanne Conway Suggests Someone Privately Told Pushed Trump Against Her

( Kellyanne Conway avoids criticizing former President Donald Trump in her new memoir, Here’s the Deal, which covers her time as his campaign manager and senior advisor in his turbulent government.

Reports show Donald Trump Invoking her husband George Conway in a missive shredding her claim she warned him he lost the election back in 2020. Trump delivered a statement criticizing his former adviser and tenacious supporter.

Trump wrote that Kellyanne Conway never told him that she believed we lost the election. If she had, he wouldn’t have dealt with her any longer. She would have been wrong, and she could have returned to her crazy husband. He explained that writing novels may cause individuals to say some pretty bizarre things, and he was curious about why that was. Trump said he received 12 million more votes than the first time he won, giving him by far the most votes of any incumbent President. The election was rigged, and the proof is overwhelming and irrefutable.

Conway explained to a reporter that Trump had prepared to send out a statement praising her book but that an adviser must have convinced him to attack her instead.
She believes that everyone, including those who secretly claim that Donald Trump lost, has their own interests in mind. She claimed she’d love to see his 2020 campaign crew on the campaign trail. Conway claims she would like to hear from Brad Parscale, Jared Kushner, Tony Fabrizio, John McLaughlin, and Bill Stepien, to name a few. She’d like them to make an official statement. Conway claimed they never seem to bring up the 2020 election in any of their public appearances, which intrigues her.

Despite the former President’s criticism, Conway claimed if Trump ran again, she would head Trump’s 2024 campaign if he would have her.

According to reports, Donald Trump suggested everyone watch conservative commentator Dinesh D’Souza’s film “2000 Mules,” which claims there was ballot harvesting fraud that occurred in the 2020 election.

Has Kellyanne Conway watched the movie, or did her trusted advisers tell her not to?