Kenosha County Official Says Trump Brought Help, But Biden Just…Talked

( A member of Kenosha County’s Board of Supervisors recently said that President Donald Trump’s visit to the city, which has seen huge amounts of destruction courtesy of Antifa and Black Lives Matter riots, was productive and that he brought much-needed help to the region. In contrast, the official told The Kyle Olson Show that Joe Biden only talked during his last-minute trip.

Amy Maurer, along with other supervisors from the board, reportedly wrote a letter to President Donald Trump before he made his visit to the city requesting that he does not cancel the trip. Democratic Governor Tony Evers called on the president not to come to the city, claiming it would hurt their ability to heal. But several members of the Board of Supervisors disagreed.

“I don’t care who comes as long as they bring help,” Maurer said during the interview.

And bring help he did. During a press conference in the city, President Trump announced this his administration would give $41 million in emergency funding that would allow the city to hire more police officers and offer support to victims affected by the destruction and violence.

Maurer explained that some $1 million of that funding will be used to help downtown businesses in Kenosha, more than 30 of them, get back up and running after being destroyed by looting, arson, and rioting.

During the show, she said she didn’t think Joe Biden “brought any help,” describing t as just a “campaign stop.”

“For Joe Biden to come, it was kind of a waste of time, in my opinion,” she said.

Maurer also described her experiences in the city when the riots began, saying there were 175 arrests made between 23 and 30. She said that 11 of the people arrested came from outside of the city, and that vehicles with Washington and Oregon plates were seen filling up containers with fuel at a local gas station.

Rioters used gasoline in other nights of rioting, lighting canisters on fire and throwing them like Molotov cocktails.

Until federal law enforcement officers were sent in by the Trump administration, she added, the violence remained out of control.

Who else thinks Biden doesn’t have a chance in Wisconsin in November?