Kim Jong Un Impersonator Facing Death Threats, New Report Finds

( To mark the ten year anniversary of North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un coming to power, CBS News did a report on the South Korean who has made a name for himself impersonating the North Korean leader.

Kim Min Yong, who goes by the name Dragon Kim, transformed himself into a less flattering impersonation of Kim Jong Un.

Much as Alec Baldwin would transform himself into a less-than-flattering Donald Trump for Saturday Night Live, Dragon Kim offers a comical version of the dictator Kim.

While Baldwin never faced any danger for his portrayal of Trump, when Dragon Kim first started doing his shtick, he feared that he might get killed. But after ten years of portraying Kim Jong Un, except for some online threats, there have been no serious reprisals made against him.

In real life, Dragon Kim works as a counselor for South Korean students applying for college in the US. His sideline occupation includes a YouTube channel called KIMJONGUN TV where he does his impersonation of North Korea’s tubby despot.

In 2019 when former President Donald Trump met with Kim Jong Un in Vietnam, Dragon Kim showed up to entertain the crowd. But not for long, Vietnamese police, fearing that the North Korean delegation would the unflattering Kim Jong Un impersonator was in their midst, arrested Dragon Kim and held him in jail for the duration of the visit.

And while he has not come under any danger, Dragon Kim has his share of critics who believe there is nothing funny about the cruel dictator.

But Dragon Kim thinks those critics are missing the point. By mocking the tyrant, he believes he is doing his part to “damage his authority.” What’s more, adding a little levity to the situation may help his fellow South Koreans deal with the fact that Kim Jong Un lives right next door.

Watch the segment from CBS News HERE.