Kim Jong Un Personally Witnesses Recent Missile Launch

( North Korea conducted training for the country’s tactical nuclear operation unit from September 25 to October 9 which was overseen by Kim Jong-un.

The training capped off on Sunday when North Korea fired two short-range ballistic missiles, just one day after warning Washington that the redeployment of a US aircraft carrier near the Korean peninsula was inflaming tensions in the region.

According to the South Korean Joint Chiefs of Staff, the two missile launches were conducted in the early hours of Sunday morning from the North Korean coastal city of Munchon. The Joint Chiefs said in a statement that that South Korea’s military had boosted its surveillance efforts and was maintaining readiness in close coordination with the US.

Toshiro Ino, Japan’s Vice Defense Minister also confirmed Sunday’s missile launches and called Pyongyang’s missile tests “absolutely unacceptable” and a threat to regional and international peace and security.

According to Vice Minister Ino, the missiles could have been launched at sea from a submarine.

If that is the case and North Korea has developed the ability to fire ballistic missiles from a sub, it would constitute an alarming development as submarine-launched missiles are harder to detect in advance.

According to both the Japanese and South Korean militaries, Sunday’s missiles flew around 217 miles reaching maximum altitudes of 56 to 60 miles before falling into the sea between the Korean peninsula and Japan.

Japan’s Prime Minister, Fumio Kishida, instructed officials to analyze all of the information available so the public could be updated about the missile tests. Kishida’s office said it was preparing for any contingency while taking steps to ensure the safety of all aircraft and ships around Japan.

In response to Sunday’s missile launches, South Korea’s National Security Director Kim Sung-han called an emergency security meeting to review the South’s defense readiness and discuss strengthening cooperation with Japan and the US to counter the growing threat from North Korea.