Kim Jong Un Threatens Military Action As He Slams United States

( North Korean state media reported that on Monday, Kim Jong Un attended a rare exhibition of weapons systems North Korea has developed which include some purportedly designed to launch nuclear strikes on the US mainland. And during a speech at the event, Kim vowed to build an “invincible” military to deal with what he called the United States’ persistent hostility.

Kim also used his speech to stress that his military might won’t be directed at South Korea, adding that there should be no other war pitting Korean against Korean. Instead, Kim singled out the United States, saying that while the US claims that it isn’t hostile to the North Korean regime, their actions give him no reason to believe these claims are true.

Calling the United States the “source” of the instability on the Korean Peninsula, Kim said his most important objective is North Korea possessing an “invincible military capability” that no one dares to challenge.

Monday’s exhibition featured an array of newly developed weapons, among them, intercontinental ballistic missiles, some of which North Korea has already test-launched or displayed in recent years.

Other weapons on display included ballistic missiles that can be fired from a submarine or train, short-range missiles; and a developmental hypersonic missile that had its first test flight last month.

According to Seoul’s Defense Ministry, both South Korean and US intelligence were analyzing the North Korean weapons displayed at the exhibition, but wouldn’t elaborate fuller.

In recent weeks North Korea has resumed its missile tests after a six-month hiatus while at the same time offering conditional talks with South Korea.

During his speech, Kim accused South Korea of hypocrisy for calling North Korea’s weapons development provocations while the South was simultaneously spending heavily to increase its own military capabilities. However, he reiterated that his military isn’t targeting South Korea.

Some experts believe that Kim is trying to use South Korea’s desire to improve ties between North and South to pressure it into convincing the United States to relax the economic sanctions on the economically devasted North.