Larry Elder Running Against Gavin Newsom

( California Governor Gavin Newsom has yet another prominent conservative that will be facing off against him in the state’s recall election.

Earlier this week, Larry Elder, the host of a conservative radio talk show, announced he was joining the crowded room to contest Newsom, the incumbent Democrat.

Known as the “sage from South Central,” an homage to the Los Angeles section where he was raised, Elder has a radio show that’s syndicated nationally. Many people also might recognize him as being a regular guest for Fox News broadcasts.

Elder, 69 years old, is an attorney as well.

Speaking with The Associated Press, Elder said he was at first reluctant to join the political fray, especially since Democrats have an overwhelming majority in the state House. He was encouraged to run, though, by many conservatives, including Dennis Prager, another radio talk show host.

Ultimately, Elder said he threw his hat in the ring because he’s tired of seeing crime rates increase, power and water shortages occur, back and forth lockdowns during the coronavirus, and the ridiculous homeless crisis that’s inflicting his beloved state.

In making his announcement to the AP, Elder admitted that “I know it’s a long shot” to win the recall, especially since Newsom is backed by the powerful Democratic Party elite. However, he’s driven by a “fire in the belly to see if I can do something … to move the needle in the right direction.”

He continued:

“I have common sense. I have good judgment. I’m born and raised here. I think I understand the state.”

Elder also has a very powerful counter to one of Newsom’s biggest criticisms of the Republican Party. The first-term California governor said the recall against him is an “effort led by (former President Donald) Trump white nationalists.”

But, Elder is black, which led him to respond: “Do I look like a white nationalist?”

Newsom has been in office since first being elected in a landslide back in 2018. He previously served as the major of San Francisco before being elevated to the state House.

In a few short years, though, Newsom has fallen from grace among many Californians. He took a lot of heat when he shut down businesses and schools throughout the state during the pandemic, and then was filmed eating at a swanky wine country restaurant without a mask in close quarters with other well-to-do guests.

There’s also a major fraud scandal going on at the unemployment agency in California.

All of this led to whispers of a recall election gaining enough steam — and verified signatures — to make it official. Now, Newsom will have to face a slew of Republican candidates in the special election scheduled for September 14.

Some of the other Republicans who have already announced their intentions to run include John Cox, a business who Newsom defeated in 2018; Caitlyn Jenner, a former Olympian known for her time as a TV personality on the reality show “Keeping Up with the Kardashians; U.S. Representative Doug Ose; and Kevin Faulconer, the former mayor of San Diego.