Late Night Host Eats Humble Pie After Getting Data Wrong

“Late Show” host Stephen Colbert issued a mean-spirited, snarky “correction” during last Thursday’s show after he was called out for claiming Michigan Republican gubernatorial candidate Tudor Dixon made up a conversation with a voter.

The previous week, Colbert accused Dixon of making up an exchange she had with a voter during a debate in which she said the voter said he found a sexually explicit book in his son’s school library.

Colbert had been mocking Dixon for bringing up pornographic material found in Michigan school libraries, noting that she isn’t the only one worried about it, “so is this guy she totally made up.”

He then played the clip from the debate where Dixon described the exchange, then mockingly said, “Okay, fine.” Then, using air quotes, he added, “That happened.”

But it turns out, it did happen.

The Detroit Free Press reporter Niraj Warikoo found the man who had a message for the Democrat late-night activist, “I am real” and he switched his registration to Republican.

According to the Free Press, the man’s name is Khalil Othman.

In his sarcastic correction last Thursday, Colbert acknowledged that the person was real. He said that he was “big enough” to admit he made a mistake. Colbert offered an apology to the voter, adding that it is terrible to have your existence denied, “Just ask trans people.”

And while he asked the voter to forgive him, Colbert wouldn’t let it go. He mocked Othman for telling the Free Press that Colbert could have Googled him, snottily pointing out that Tudor Dixon didn’t name him so he couldn’t have Googled him.

He then went on a rant about Othman, calling him a Democrat politician who “packed up his toys” and supported an “election-denying, transphobic, COVID-19 conspiracy theorist,” adding “What a wonderful example for all our children.”

Speaking directly to Othman, whom he called “fella,” Colbert told him if he doesn’t know about Tudor Dixon, “you should Google it.”

What a nasty little man Colbert is.